Saturday, February 28, 2009

And I thought it would be a typical Saturday...

Our Saturdays are busy. Both kids have swimming lessons, Ims has her dance class (tres cute!), the standard weekly house clean plus a run to Rocklea Markets at the crack of dawn every second Saturday. I thought today was going to be a typical Saturday, I met a wonderful mum at dancing today and received a lovely offer...

I was sitting on a bench at dancing, reading 'Labour & Birth' (a text for my doula course) when another mother sat next to me, saw my book and asked if I was expecting a baby. When I said "No, I'm actually studying to be a birthing attendant", I actually expected her to look at me like I had two heads! Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when she replied with the question "You're studying to be a doula?" Yes - someone was on my wavelength...I could have jumped for joy!

We continued the conversation and she explained that she was due at the end of May, with her fourth child, a daughter which they intended on naming Imogen. Her husband works away for 8 months of the year on an oil rig and she was looking for a doula to support her during her birth. She told me I was lovely and asked if I'd be interested in being her doula!

Oh.My.Goodness - another jump for joy moment! Being asked to attend the birth of a precious child really is an amazing honour and I'm very much looking forward to sharing this journey with T & her family. Will keep you updated on my studies and my experience with T as it progresses.

We're heading on a road trip to Byron Bay tomorrow. The monthly markets are on, so the plan is to head down early morning, wander around the markets, take the kidlets to the beach for a bit and just chill. Will toddle off and charge the camera batteries now!

PS: I felt a real connection with T - it was compounded when she told me they wanted to name their daughter Imogen (as I have an Imogen and there's not many of them around!) and also because T is due only a week or so after what would have been my due date with our precious angel. Obviously this experience will be educational for me, beneficial for T & family, but maybe also healing for me?

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