Friday, February 20, 2009

First Post - Friday Night

So it's a Friday night. And I'm at home, celebrating my very first blog post.

Kidlets are in bed (one sound asleep, one supposably asleep - but I can hear her sing-song voice from up the hall!), husband is out, the house is freshly cleaned and quality of television is crappy. So here I sit!

I've decided to take a lead from the wonderful women who amuse, educate, entertain and amaze me each and every day through their own blogs and create my own.

I'm kinda excited about the prospect but note to self.... get 'puter nerd husband to help me create a spunky layout. Blogger basic templates are B.O.R.I.N.G!

Busy weekend ahead - run to the produce markets, swimming & dance lessons and a birthday party.... all before noon tomorrow! I'm exhausted at the thought!

Am off to google 'blog skins' to make this place a more beautiful space... keep your eyes peeled!


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